Kiwi Alarms Ltd

Affordable high-resolution CCTV security for surveillance that never sleeps

At KiwiCam we focus our expertise on getting you the right surveillance camera system for your situation. We work with digital and analogue security cameras from a variety of leading brands and our knowledge is unsurpassed. Based on your needs and budget, we'll match you to the most appropriate CCTV solution, including NVR recorder. You'll be able to log into your system from any internet-connected device to see what your surveillance system is seeing. You can even check back in time.


Meeting Auckland’s security needs since 1990

Based in One Tree Hill, KiwiCam is a division of Kiwi Alarms – a respected business that solves all kinds of security problems for all kinds of Aucklanders.  

Owners Faraj and Rob have the sort of in-depth knowledge that’s hard to come by these days. Before moving into security, Rob is an electrician and Faraj a mechanical engineer. Collectively they have around 40 years’ experience with helping people to protect their homes, assets, business productivity and lives.

The KiwiCam team keeps on keeping on

One of the things we’re proud of is our low staff turnover. We have a great team of technicians and we look after them, so they have a habit of sticking around. This means you’ll usually always deal with the same person – someone who knows you and understands your system.

We don’t just sell and install cameras, we’re service experts

It’s easy enough to find someone to install a security camera for you, but ask them to repair an existing system or fix a fault and you’ll often be barking up the wrong tree. KiwiCam, on the other hand, is a company that knows how things are put together and what makes them work, so we can provide full service support for the systems we install. It also means we can select the right technology for you. We work with a range of trusted brands provided by reliable suppliers.  As well as a manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll have the benefit of guaranteed workmanship.