Kiwi Alarms Ltd

Affordable high-resolution CCTV security for surveillance that never sleeps

At KiwiCam we focus our expertise on getting you the right surveillance camera system for your situation. We work with digital and analogue security cameras from a variety of leading brands and our knowledge is unsurpassed. Based on your needs and budget, we'll match you to the most appropriate CCTV solution, including NVR recorder. You'll be able to log into your system from any internet-connected device to see what your surveillance system is seeing. You can even check back in time.

Questions & Answers


Will the image quality be good enough to see who it is?

Yes! Today’s security cameras give you high picture quality. None of the blurry images you’re used to seeing on reality TV police shows. Obviously the highest quality images come from the more expensive cameras, but even inexpensive cameras can delivery good picture quality.

Can I check my cameras from my phone or iPad?

You certainly can. If you have a multi-camera system, you can even check them all at once. And you can go back in history to see what happened five minutes ago, an hour ago…or even a month ago.

Can I have a wireless system?

Cameras don’t have to be hard-wired. They can have their own power supply and communicate wirelessly with the recorder.

How much does a surveillance system cost?

A straightforward camera and recording system could cost as little as $XXX. But we also install complex surveillance systems for business and industry that cost considerably more. If you have a tight budget, tell us what you can afford and we’ll see what we can do.